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Jewelry Care

Sterling Silver

To care for the jewelry and refrain from tarnishing, avoid exposure to household cleaning products, bleach and other strong chemicals. The smallest amount of moisture in the air can lead to tarnishing, so store the jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch. Please do not try to polish gold plated jewelry as it will remove the plating.


Natural stones will each have a different level of durability. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are the hardest and will resist scratching and chipping the best. Opals and Pearls are some of the softest and delicate gemstones, so use extra care with them. Opals don't like water and can easily crack or damage from extreme changes in temperature. Do not expose Opals, Pearls and Turquoise to alcohol and chemical based substances.


We know how much meaning your favorite Reinerland pieces hold and offer a range of services to keep your pieces as beautiful as day one, including cleaning, polishing, fit alterations and more. If you have a Reinerland piece in need of repair, please email us at

Raw Opal Rings
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