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Diamonds are definitely not my best friend

There are other gemstones I like so much more. Have you heard of Paraiba Tourmalines? They are a very rare variety of tourmaline prized for its neon blue, green and blue green colors.

In 1988 exceptionally bright colored tourmalines were discovered in Paraíba, Brazil. It was determined that they were Elbaite Tourmalines and the intense coloring was due to copper. They also contained manganese and often a bit of bismuth.

In 2001, more copper colored tourmalines were discovered in Nigeria. Generally, the Nigerian gemstones were not as vivid as those from Brazil, although the range of colors did overlap. A couple of years later, still more copper bearing tourmalines were discovered, this time in Mozambique. Their colors are much closer to those of the Brazilian, but their chemical composition is much more complex, with varying amounts of copper, magnesium, lead, and bismuth. (gemsociety)

Paraiba Tourmalines are one of my favorite gemstones. Reiner made me this beautiful Flower Paraiba Tourmaline Ring that I sometimes wear instead of my engagement ring. I'm so in love with it. The Eternal Band with Green Demantoid Garnets is a perfect match. Garnets are my birthstone and there are so many varieties I love. But that's a story for another time...

In an Uber on my way to work.

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