Handmade Fine jewelry for men and women crafted in Sterling Silver and 14 K Gold, by New York jewelry Designer team Cristina Taranu and Reiner Mengesdorf

Design team Cristina Taranu and Reiner Mengesdorf united in 2006 to create the company
Reinerland. Cristina lived in Romania and Reiner in Germany, prior to moving to New York
City. Together they show an eye for color and play with diverse metal textures, drawing from
technical skill and their fine arts backgrounds. Cristina developed an interest in jewelry design
while working in theatre, which led her to becoming a student at Studio Jewelers Ltd. Reiner
is a visual artist who has exhibited his abstract paintings in New York, Europe and Japan.
The jewelry collections are sculptural in their roots with an infusion of organic style and beauty.
Seeking unique stones from all over the world for their original details, together they create a
form of art that is both playful and bold. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and honed in their
New York studio.